INE's Collaboration rack rentals

Hi guys,


I scheduled 2 rack sessions this week but I was not able to do them because of an email I received from INE webdev team telling me they were not able to assign me a rack number...


I noticed that collaboration have been fully booked for about a week and it matches a collaboration bootcamp date... So, it seems that collab racks are booked by INE everytime there's a bootcamp. I was told that INE built roughly 25 collab racks so I'm surprised theyre all booked for bootcamp students...


Even the rack sessions I bookked weeks ago have been dropped. So now, I'm wondering whether this will happen everytime a bootcamp is taking place.

The good news is I'll be in Miami for the February's bootcamp (if no changes from INE). Can't wait to be there & see what it looke like!




CCIE Collaboration #57461


  • As far as I know everything you said is correct, with one exception, they have 8 racks, not 24.  Hopefully that number will continue to grow.

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