Hello All,

can some one help me to understand correct steps to follow to configure inter-as TE FRR. I followed the cisco doc but it is not clear.





  • Is it the concepts that you don't understand (different IGP topology information not shared) or is it the implementation part?

  • It''s referred to implementation part because the cisco DOC isn't clear. The doc isn't clear (

    I used CCIE SP WBv3 MPLS inter-as TE scenario (5.11).  I tried to protect R5-R6 link (R5 - R6 are on different IGP)

    I followed this step:
    1) created the Primary inter-as tunnel on remote P/PE router with record-route and FRR on PLR (the tunne-is up)

    using passive TE interface on all ASBR

    2) created the Backup tunnel on PLR (R5) to MP (XR1). (the tunnel is up but static route isn't working)

    3) created backup path on phisical link of ASBR (R5) using bakcup tunnel. The FRR DB is empyty (Why ??)

    4) so... Is not clear the use of static routing for ASBR and flooding link....

    Can you help me to define correct step to configure Inter-AS TE FRR ?


  • Can you please give more information about the topology and some cfg, which routers are in which AS. For your backup tunnel, did you use loose-hop?

    The static route is used on the MP (and all along the path towards the PLR) in order for the RESV msg to get to the ASBR.

    Forced flooding-link is used between the ASBR in order to have these links in the TED (TE database).

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