QOS 642-642 INE Videos

Dear My Friend,

there will be no doubt on INE material's quality [:)] however since its already retired from certification point of view

Please share your experience with QOS INE videos to learn QOS from basics to advance level.






  • If you like Anthony's teaching style, you'll probably love the videos.  If you don't, be forewarned that he's at his most "Anthonyesque" in those vids.

    In either case, 642-642 was definitely one of those exams where you had to ignore the real world and learn what cisco wanted you to know for the exam, like how to use MLPPP and LFI to deal with large and small packets existing on the same 128 kbps frame relay hub, or how to use header compression.  OTOH, it also covers topics like MQC, policing, shaping, and WRED, so there's plenty of useful stuff in there too.

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