OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas and Default Routing Lab

The last step asks you to "Configure R5 to advertise a default route into area 3 with a cost of 500".  To me this is saying that only the default route that you are advertising into the NSSA should have a cost of 500.  So wouldn't you want to issue the command "area 3 nssa default-information-originate metric 500" instead of "area 3 default-cost 500" since the default cost for all the routes in area 3 would then have a cost of 500?

I am wondering if this is just a case of semantics since if you run the command "show ip ospf database nssa-external" when either of the commands (default-cost or default-originate metric) is enabled, the metric listed in the LSA is the same.

If anyone can chime in, I would appreciate it.



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