4.12 MPLS L3 VPN and OSPF Domain-ID


during the execution of exercice 4.12 (SP WorkBook) I seen the loopbacks 0 are on different areas (1 and 20) and when one of MPLS links (PE-CE) goes down their have to transit from areas 120 (non zero area) adn this correctly is not possible without VL. Following the confoguration provided on the WORKBOOK for verification The WB provide the verification only for redistributed loopback1 (external routes) and not for inter-area. Why this ?


I think to garant reachability of inter-area routes I have to configure virtual-link on area 120 to garant the communication between area 0 (superbackbone) and others during failover of one MPLS link.


So I configured VL and this work fine BUT now the traffic transit only via VL and not MPLS.

Any comment about this ?


Thanks Isacco.

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