Videos and Workbooks ? Or Videos first then Workbooks.



Recently I purchased an all access pass and would like to start preping for the CCIE Lab Exam. I was just wondering in the order which I should be doing this. Should I do all the available videos and then start the workbooks or do it all in parallel ? Or a section at a time, meaing watch OSPF section and then do the workbook on it. Whats the best suggestion on how to do this? 


  • Hi, IMHO I prefer to do it step by step especially if you have a full access to a rack (INE or personal) because you can easily memorize when you Lab it. Of course you have to understand the technologies first so you are going to do some review on your books/written notes/Cisco Doc.


    Good luck in your studies!

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    One section at a time will be much more rewarding (learning).  Because by the time, you get to the end of the workbook, you will forget some of the earlier sections.  Redo sections that need reinforcement.

    INE has a blog about how to use the workbook-1 (technologies) and workbook-2 (full labs).  I am not sure if they have updated this recommendation for the new version (for RSv5).

  • Hmm, it seems for v5 we only have 1 workbook. I did see the whole post about v4, but v5 we dont seem to have that, but I guess both can apply ? 

  • In all honesty, everyone's study patterns are different. However what works for me is going through the ATC video on a particular section, for example STP. After the video I will then go through the lab. After that I will any sort of reading to fill in any gaps. 

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