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Hi all,

Have just joined this forum after visiting the website for the 1st time.

I want to try some study material to work through the lab blueprint with a view to passing - I've got 18 months!

What do you guys recommend?

I see the 'lab breakdown' products on the Internetwork Expert website - what do these include? Are there other options of self based training ?

I have no idea as I've just started looking around.

Thanks in advance






  • I've considered many other options, and I chose internetworkexperts workbookI/II packege at last.

  • Well, you didn't specify which track you're considering and I've only used the R&S material from Internetwork Expert.  That said, I can't imagine prepping for the lab without their workbooks.  From what's been released so far, the Vol 1 Ver 5.0 workbook rocks; and the Vol II workbook is certainly a no-brainer.

    Oh, and the Advanced Technologies Class on Demand...DUDE!!!  The CoD is the best investment you'll ever make in anything!  Everyone in networking should purchase the CoD even if not pursuing the CCIE.

  • Hi there,

    If you're interested in talking in more detail about study materials, drop me a line at [email protected] and I'd be happy to talk with you about different training packages and options we have. I am one of the training advisors here at IE. Hope to here from you!


    Mike Bishop
    INE Account Manager
    [email protected]

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