OSPF: "Routing bit is set" not showed on csr1000v 15.4.2


In the lab "OSPF Forwarding Address Suppression" LSA-7 is translated to LSA-5. The tasks shows you how you can clear the FA with the suppress-fa keyword. This all works as expected, except that the line "routing bit is set" is missing.

I tried a clean config and pasted the workbook solution in the router. My setup behaves like the solution in the workbook, except for the line "routing bit is set"

As the route is installed in the routing table as expected I now believe this is a display bug.

Any idea's?




  • Just rented a INE-rack. Same behaviour there on csr1000v 15.4.3

  • Hi,


    Since the route is installed can you ping the final destination or you reach just the advertising router?

  • Hi,

    these are the steps I followed. I therefore expect my csr1000v lab to have similar outputs as INE presents in the solution



    wr erase




    configure replace flash:/ine.basic.ospf.routing



    past the solution to the routers according to ATL "OSPF Forwarding Address Suppression"




    R5#show ip ospf database external


                OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)


                    Type-5 AS External Link States


      LS age: 57

      Options: (No TOS-capability, DC, Upward)

      LS Type: AS External Link

      Link State ID: (External Network Number )

      Advertising Router:

      LS Seq Number: 80000001

      Checksum: 0xD77F

      Length: 36

      Network Mask: /32

            Metric Type: 2 (Larger than any link state path)

            MTID: 0 

            Metric: 20 

            Forward Address:

            External Route Tag: 0



    R5#sh ip route

    Routing entry for

      Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 20, type extern 2, forward metric 1

      Last update from on GigabitEthernet1.45, 00:02:09 ago

      Routing Descriptor Blocks:

      *, from, 00:02:09 ago, via GigabitEthernet1.45

          Route metric is 20, traffic share count is 1




    Type escape sequence to abort.

    Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


    Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 1/1/4 ms



    Type escape sequence to abort.

    Tracing the route to

    VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)

      1 2 msec *  1 msec

  • I have the same issue too. Either it's a big in 15.4.3 or Cisco have removed mention of the routing bit in newer code.


    It would be good to know what version code all of the outputs were created in. The rack rentals should use the same code used in the labs for consistency.

  • Hi,

        Due to some other bugs, the current CSR version is newer than the one used when the workbook was created. I highly doubt the Routing Bit will no longer be present, it has to do with the current code running on CSR.



  • Hi -

    Did anyone find the CSR code where this issue is fixed?


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