Sydney exam location



Few words about Sydney exam location.

For the hotel I think Vibe Hotel at Milsons Point it's a great option. First of all it is right in front of the train station at Milsons Point and there are only 2 stops to St Leonards. The price is better than Urban and I can say at least from my own experience that rooms are not bad at all.

From St leonards train station is very easy to get to Cisco, just leave the train, follow the crowd and you'll find yourself in a small sqare with a fountain, once there just go straight and once you'll hit the road turn left and you'll see a red sign with 201 Pacific Hwy and Cisco.

About the exam location, there is more than enough space, all sorts of colored pens and some paper. The temperature in the room is great however having a jumper with you will not be a bad ideea(it was a great idea in my case :D).

There is only one monitor, i think it's a 22 inch, a logitech keyboard and a very noisy mouse scroll :)

I think 2 monitors will help or even having all the diagrams available in a printed version as I found it very difficult to manage lots of consoles diagrams on one monitor. Even the consoles with one window/console i think that it another thing which makes everything more compliated but it has nothing to do with anything which is tested.

Overall, i can say that Sydney exam location is a nice testing centre.


  • I'm sitting my first attempt at the RS lab in Sydney in October, so I really appreciate the heads-up.

    How did your exam go?

  • I failed this time. It was my first attempt but I left very optimistic from that room. Now I know where am I with my knowledge and I know that I can pass. My strategy was not very smart during the config part and that cost me the exam.

    It's a very good experience no matter what is happening. If you fail, this experience will make you better for the next time.

    Hopefully INE will have full scale labs relased soon as you'll need practice with large scale topology. I did some practice with large scale labs but i have to admit, during the lab my lack of practice with very large topologies it was visible. Time it's an important factor and practice will help in this area too.

    Good luck !!!



  • I have attended the labs at both locations: Singapore for RS and Sydney for SP.

    Sydney lab room is quite small and it consists of many pc stations (imagine when it has full of candidates). The equipments are logitech keyboard, logitech mice and 22" dell monitor.

    Singapore lab is way better than Sydney, much bigger room, near the airport, new keyboard, mice, screen and "the $1500 lunch" was very delicious.

    Proctor at Sydney lab is very helpful but it depends on the way you ask him and he is double CCIE in RS & SP. (when you are at CCIE level, you will know to how to ask the correct question and get response from the proctor :) )

    All the best guys!

    -Minh Dang

    Double CCIE #39266 (R/S ,SP)


  • Hi Leminh

    Did Singapore previously have a Lab setup in Singapore or did you do a mobile lab there? It doesn't seem to be on the list of permanent Lab locations.

    I saw your post and started looking up flights to Singapore, but yeah, looked a little deeper and it doesn't seem to be an option.

    Paul B

  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry I didnt mention that, yeah, Singapore has only mobile lab.




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