Issue with GNS3 Beta release....

I just downloaded the Beta1 release of the new GNS3. In the previous Alpha releases, I never had the problem I'm going to describe below. When I use a c7200 router and connect to an ethernet switch I get 2 error messages : 1.Server error [-3200] from R1: VM R1: unable to enable NIO for slot 0/0

2.Server error [-3200] from R1: VM R1: unable to add binding for slot 0/0.

Anyone with any ideas on how to correct this. Thanks


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Aggiecutter1,

    You would probably get a better answer, by posting to the GNS3 forum.  They would probably appreciate your input/feedback, especially for a BETA.

    I saw the announcement today, but I have not updated to any of the new Alphas/beta (even though I contributed).  Everything is working for me so far, without the surprises. ;-)

  • Did you set your router up with an npe400?  I ask because the default seems to be 200 in the dropdown, and this causes all sorts of bad things to happen.

  • JoeM - you can have them running side by side, fwiw.

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    JoeM - you can have them running side by side, fwiw.

    Thanks for that info.   That would take a bit of the risk out of it.  I already wasted too much time with GNS3 in the beginning of my CCIE studies.    But, I have been curious about what they have changed with so many "alphas" and finally a "beta".

  • From a user perspective, not a whole lot has changed except the inclusion of IOU (though I haven't messed with any of the solarwinds stuff).  In fact, the alphas didn't have virtualbox available - that just showed back up in the beta.  Basically, with the inclusion of IOU, you can now run less-limited L2 and L3 switch stuff + virtual routers + any vbox installed cisco VMs (csr1000 and XRv come to mind immediately).  Oh and vpcs for hosts, though IIRC this was doable before using different means.

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