Wireshark on Win7x64 vmware VM - can't see tagged frames?


I've been working on building up my lab in the format of ESXi host with the 20 CSR1000V routers and 4 physical switches.

I installed a copy of Win7x64 as a VM and gave it a management NIC and a Lab NIC.

The lab vswitch is setup to allow all vlans and operate in permiscuous mode and I went into the driver advanced settings on Win 7 and disabled the vlan/priority options.

Now I can see all of the packets for my routers with the Wireshark running on the VM.  However, the only caveat is that the frames are all untagged.

Is there a way in Windows to allow the tagged frames through so you can actually see the whole 802.1q packet in Wireshark?

I did install Wireshark on RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 and it captures the 802.1q tag just fine.  I would like to also see the packets unmolested this way on Windows 7 machine if possible.  Anybody know how?




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