NHRP redirect failed to initialise



I am doing some lab these days on DMVPN as i am preparing the RS v5 lab.


I got this issu with GNS3 7200 router and latest IOS image c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S5.bin.

When I try to configure DMVPN phase 3, I can not enable the nhrp redirect feature on the hub :


R1(config-if)#ip nhrp redirect
% NHRP-WARNING: 'ip nhrp redirect' failed to initialise


DMVPN phase 1 and 2 work fine with the same configuration.


Does anyone here already got this error message and found a solution?


  • I set this up yesterday with the 15.2(4)M6 image and it worked, although it took quite a while to start taking the shortcut path (I had IPSec configured).

  • Ideed it works with 15.2(4)M6.


    Thanks !

  • Thanks - This has worked for me as well - Thanks for the post

  • Thanks for the post, I ran into this one as well. 

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