OSPF Initial configs - bug?

It seems there are bugs in the initial configs for the OSPF labs. The loopback 0 interfaces of all routers have masks of, vs. v4 labs that are /24. This becomes an issue in the OSPF Network Loopback task. This starts in the inital ospf configs, and seems present in the ospf over broadcast media, and dmvpn configs as well. It appears to be fixed in later OSPF lab configs.


  • I've found another issue while working on OSPF labs.


    In the task "OSPF Path Selection with Cost", the note tells you to load the config, or keep using the previous configs from earlier tasks. Yet the initial configs for this task includes the command 'ip ospf cost 30' on the tunnel 0 interfaces of the DMVPN routers. This command is necessary to work on the task successfully (or you'll be confused ;) )

  • What's the ospf network type?  If its not point to point, it will show as /32 no matter what.

  • changing network type will change next hop mask to host routes (aka /32).

    point -to-point and p-to-muiltipoint broadcast will change that hop to be /32

    other types will not.

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