EIGRP unequal load balancing


I preferred to just adjust the delay and obtain the 5:1 ratio, but the show ip route shoing only 1 route in the routing table.

From eigrp topology table i can see both routes, but in routing table has only route via R2, So i couldnt verify it.

How to solve this issue.





  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Ryoks,

    Here is a basic outline of the necessary steps.  The solution guide goes into much more detail.

    1. Change the variance to a much higher number.
    2. Be sure that the Feasiblity Condition is good (see workbook explanation)
    3. Adjust the metrics as needed
    4. Once 5-to-1 is verified, then change the variance to 5.


  • THanks JoeM, i maanged to ge it...


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