Layer 2 Trunked Etherchannel - Do we HAVE to config Po interface?

Task 1.2


I fail to understand why the book configured po1 as well.


I configured physical ports as trunks, and then made them join the channel-group 1, and it worked.


Is there any reason why I should also specify the same config "sw mode trunk; sw trunk enca isl;" again on the po1 interface as well?




  • Hello,


    the po1 interface inherited the config of the paticipating interfaces in the channel group.

  • You can configure trunking on all member ports before assigning them to the channel-group. It is generally easier and safer to do the trunking configuration on the port-channel interface instead.

    Either way the trunking configuration commands will be shown under the individual member interfaces as well as under the port-channel interface.

  • I wanted to know if Brian placed the configuration manually twice or not.

    So basically, the IOS just replicated the commands on the po interface automatically, and not manually.


    thanks guys, all clear.



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