7.4 RIPng to BB1

I have enabled RIP in the Serial Interface to BB1, and configured the summary address. I am receiving RIPng routes from BB1 but it appears that I am not sending anything over to BB1 so it does not have a return path to my RIPng domain.


interface Serial1/0
 ipv6 address 2001:54:254:1::/64 eui-64
 ipv6 address FE80::6 link-local
 ipv6 rip RIPng enable
 ipv6 rip RIPng summary-address 2001:167:1::/48
 frame-relay map ipv6 FE80::254 100
 frame-relay map ipv6 2001:54:254:1::254 100 broadcast
 no frame-relay inverse-arp

Rack1R6#sh ipv6 route rip

R   2001:167:1:4::/64 [120/2]
     via FE80::9601:404, Tunnel46
R   2001:254:0:112::/64 [120/2]
     via FE80::254, Serial1/0
R   2001:254:0:113::/64 [120/2]
     via FE80::254, Serial1/0
R   2001:254:0:114::/64 [120/2]
     via FE80::254, Serial1/0
R   2001:254:0:115::/96 [120/2]
     via FE80::254, Serial1/0

I can see RIPng is enabled on the interface but when I telnet over to BB1 I see no RIPng routes at all.

I am sending out the summary.

Mar  1 03:59:03.551: RIPng: Sending multicast update on Serial1/0 for RIPng
*Mar  1 03:59:03.555:        src=FE80::6
*Mar  1 03:59:03.555:        dst=FF02::9 (Serial1/0)
*Mar  1 03:59:03.559:        sport=521, dport=521, length=52
*Mar  1 03:59:03.559:        command=2, version=1, mbz=0, #rte=2
*Mar  1 03:59:03.563:        tag=0, metric=1, prefix=2001:54:254:1::/64
*Mar  1 03:59:03.563:        tag=0, metric=1, prefix=2001:167:1::/48

Any ideas on ths one?




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