The task:
•Modify R4’s MQC policy to meet the following requirements:
?Set the total size of the MQC queue to 512 buffers.
?The traffic flows for the web servers in VLAN 146 and the IP Precedence 0 packets from VLAN 146 should be guaranteed 32Kbps each.
?Limit the sizes of the FIFO queues for the HTTP and IP Precedence 0 traffic classes to 16 and 24 packets, respectively.
?All other unmatched traffic in the policy should run WFQ.
?Dynamic flows in this WFQ should start dropping when they reach 32 packets in length.

The SG has this for the interface specific config:

interface Serial 0/1/0
bandwidth 128
max-reserved-bandwidth 100
no fair-queue
hold-queue 512 out

Since "max-reserved-bandwidth" is now deprecated, we can disreguard that.

I'm not sure where the bandwidth 128 has come from though?  Anyone?

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