Port Channel Lab

In Nexus Technology labs under classical switching Port Channel Lab is there.

on N5K Load Balacing algorithm is: port-channel load-balance ethernet source-dest-port

on N7K Load Balacing algorithm is: port-channel load-balance source-dest l4port

All the Port channels configured in the lab are layer2 Port Channels.


On N7K they are not using ethernet parameter. which means port channel should be a layer 3 Port Channel. But all port channels configured are layer 2.

Please clarify the difference between the load balancing algorithm used on N5K and N7K.



  • It is all about syntax: in 5K it is port-channel load-balance ethernet ; in N7K it is w/o "ethernet" key word.

    Algorithm is the same.

    Default is src-dest-mac for L2 , and src-dst-ip for L3.

    If you want OXID to be enabled, you have to choose source-dest-port , which will give you better load balancing across links


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