End of Test Validation Suggestions

Anybody have suggestioned steps I can follow to validate my work at the end of the lab? I'm taking the Mock Labs and am not struggling with the technical requirements, but am making a lot of non-technical mistakes. For example, breaking earlier requirements by adding access-lists, misreading requirements, making typos, etc....


Here are some items I've made note of that I need to check at the end of my real lab test, please let me know if you have other recommendations:

1. Make sure ACLs don't break earlier requirements.

2. Validate BGP route selection by validating routing table and BGP table.

- You may have influenced the BGP table by adding a higher local_pref to one connection, just to find that the next-hop address is still reachable in the routing table over the undesired path. This means that the BGP table shows a prefered path, but the routing table takes traffic over a different connection.

3. Check that adding Tunnel or Loopback addresses don't break redistribution requirements.

- If the lab asks not to redistribute a new loopback, but your redistribute connected command does not filter out the new loopback, you may redistribute the new subnet without think about it.

4. Re-read questions with a new set of eyes.

- This has been the biggest challenge for me so far. But I think it important to re-read each requirement at the end of the test. Play "devil's avocate" and criticize your own solution in an effort to find holes or better solutions.

5. Re-check IP reachability from all routers/switches at the end of the lab to make sure nothing broke along the way.

6. Take any doubt still remaining about a requirement, and ask a reasonable question to the proctor.





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