I have passed CCIE DC in my first attempt and making me triple in Ccie league. 



Past 6 months I am studying INE cciedc videos. Workbooks and. I am very regular ieoc forum Visitor.



Listen INE videos atleast thrice

as we have rack shortage I have used couple of ine racks and lots of pec labs,  some of racks renting from friends who has rack in there company. 


Please make notes of things which u feel it's new and keep doing racks Untill u get bored and technology stored in ur brain harddisk. 


Look for dc blog in Google such as ccierants etc for learning what other has discovered it ll give u edge somewhere. 


Lab can be finished in 5 hr it's doable,  be patient as things doesn't comeup immediately. 


And best of luck to all.





  • Congrate for passing CCIE DC at your first attempt as well as for triple ccie.
    Thanks for sharing your about your preparations.

  • Congrats for passing the CCIE DC Lab.

    I have a questions for you.

    How are INE Full scale labs difficulty compared to actual CCIE DC lab Exam.



  • I would say  INE lab 1 is equivalent to CCIE DC LAB in comparison to difficulty!! 



  • COngratulation Buddy,

    What an amazing achievement for both CCIE DC as well as being triple CCIE. I hope I can tackle the DC Lab sometime in the Future ;)

  • Congratulations on becoming a 3x CCIE! Quite an accomplishment. [Y]


    Please feel free to submit your story to INE - we'd love to feature you on our social media pages!


    Kind Regards,

    Kristen Hansen
    Technical Marketing | INE, Inc. 

  • Wow, congratulations! That is a huge accomlishment, Ive been studying for almost 15 months and will attempt my lab in Nobember/December this year.


    Angain congrats.



  • Congrats, Fragile!!

  • Congratulations, waiting for the 4th CCIE [:)]

  • Not yet decided which track but i feel for Wireless and security either of them i ll pursue !! as it will add more option in terms of opprtunity world wide and in enterpirse or data center evirnoment both will be plus cert to me !!!


    lets see i am still enjoying DC cert and once i come out of this illusion then i ll probably target for other track !! :)

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