Task 4.11 -- Loop in IGP Redistribution

WB-3  Lab 7   Task 4.11   IGP Redistribution


The solution is not complete. 

Distance OSPF external 171  This is good to protect external EIGRP prefixes.

However, before we start the redistribution, two E2 routes already exist in OSPF.  

  • one E2 is from BB2 (via SW2)
  • one E2 is from R5's loopback (redistributed) 150.x.5.0


We need to  reset these specific routes back to something lower than 170. Otherwise, They will be preferred by EIGRP (170) on the R2 and R4 redistribution points (EIGRP/OSPF)


My solution:

router ospf 1
     distance ospf external 171 
<-- correct from SG
     distance 110 24
<--also needed

access-list 24 permit  <--from BB3
access-list 24 permit 150.x.5.0 
<--from R5 (redistrib)



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