[U520 - CME 8.0]How do I transfer an incoming external call to 4 external phone numbers at the same

Hi all,

As subject, is there a way to transfer all the incoming call to 4 different external phone numbers at the same time?(3 are in different countries and 1 national mobile phone).

I tried using a new hunt group + call-forward all XXXXXXXXX but it seems like when I call the pilot number, the call-forward does not take place.

The situation is the following:

internal number 317(shared line) / external number 0011223344

when someone calls 0011223344, two ip phones ring at the same time.

Now I'd like to forward all the incoming calls from 317 to 4 new external numbers at the same time.

Is it possible? I am still new in the voice world so any help would be appreciated.


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