6.5 VoIP QoS - Alternate

Is there any reason you could not use MQC with a priority for this question?


  • i was wondering the same thing..  my problem with this whole question...is what do I assume to set the rtp bandwidth to...you can starv traffic with either scenario...

    ...i read some time ago cisco best practices was to have no more than 30% for priority..but i think that has changed as standard..  also what i like about using the MQC is that you dont have to (# 2 guess) what ports rtp will be using...

    R5(config)#class-map rtp     <<no ports to guess at...           
    R5(config-cmap)#match protocol rtp 

  • Yeah I prefer the MQC way as well, like you say, you don't have to remember/figure out there RTP ports that will be used.


    As far as what bandwidth amount to use for this config, it says "ensure that voice traffic receives the lowest possible latency".  Since it does not mention the need to keep other traffic if voice fills it up, I would assume to let RTP have the whole link (512) if needed.  In any case, I would probably ask for clarification on that one to be sure.

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