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Hi all,


I am struggling with the INE N1KV lab and would really appreciate some help. I am fully expecting to be informed that I'm doing something wrong but I'm completely stuck. I am unable to get the VMs installed on the ESXi instances as I cannot seem to find the VMX images on the data store...


Initially I am using the following INE workbook labs:


Service Profile Instantiation - ESXi1

Service Profile Instantiation - ESXi2


According to the workbook I should boot ESXi1 from LUN1, ESXi from LUN2 and use LUN0 as the shared data store (used for installing VMs). I have only been able to boot instances from LUN0. When the images load I can access both ESXi instances using the vSphere client.


Once complete I run  the following lab:


Log In and Initialize Datastore


I connect to the ESXi instances using the vSphere client. At this point a data store is already created but there are no VMX images available on the disk. As I am unable to find the images I can not load the VMs (or vCenter) that will be used to host the N1KV VSMs. I have found myself in this situation on every rack I have rented. Please can anyone point me in the right direction/tell me what I am doing wrong?


Many thanks for your time,



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