Storage VDC Creation

Hi Folks,

Just wondering, when creating a storage VDC, if creating from the default VDC, do we need to enable features lacp & lldp in this VDC?  My thinking is not, and that from a feature point-of-view, only the 'install feature-set fcoe' is needed, and then within the actual storage VDC we enable features fcoe, lacp & lldp ?

Obviously the rest of the pre-requisites in default/admin vdc need to be met (qos config, port allocation etc...)




  • Hello Dominic, yes, that is correct, we need the feature lacp and lldp inside the actual storage vdc . On the admin vdc all we need is system qos, install feature-set fcoe, licence fcoe module before the creation of the storage VDC. 7K does not support lldp by default. 5K does. So in 5k , we don't need to enable the lldp explicitly.

  • Thanks parvikram, that's what I thought, but it's not so easy to practise these things!

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