Ine CCIE SP Labs in dynamips with i5 processor????

Anyone has successfully done running ine ccie SP Labs in dynamips with i5 processor ????


  • Hi ,

    there is no way you can run the whole SP Lab on an i5 processor or else because XR machines and because the main issue with running a so massive lab is the RAM memory .. even more important than the processor itself. Having said this you should provide the detailed specs of your RAM/HDD/i5 CPU if you want to try arranging something nice for example with all the devices in IOS. Be sure that for an SP Lab you would need a truly performant machine. 


    Renting rack time is likely a better choice because you can learn more from real IOS/IOS XR machines than from the virtual ones.


    Best of Luck


  • Thanks thing more Can I use IOS routers not XR Routers just to practise concern is that can i run around 8 routers in Gns3 with i5 processor

  • i5 processor with Hyperthreading technology shoult work fine with 8 GNS3 instances but you need RAM. I once worked out 8 GNS3 instances 3725 images  with 4GB Ram but it was a Lenovo 420T laptop and among the best ever produced... RAM is the key. The i5 haswell / Ivy-Bridge processor series should be ok. If you have a tower buy some RAM  (work with at least 8GB).. it is not as expensive as the one for Laptops.


    Even without XR it is going to be good practice. Just do not go to the exam without MASTERING XR.


    happy studies [8-|]



  • Once again thnaks a lot Alessio...really it feels so nice that there are people who guides you when u need them :) ...yeah for sure I won't forget to go to the exam without Mastering XR :)



  • I don't recommend using 3725 images for GNS3 and the SP lab. You should be using 7200s running 12.2 SRE train, which will allow you to do all of the features that you will be tested on in the lab. 

    INE published a GNS3 topology that you can access once you purchase their SP workbook. I've always had issues running other peoples topologies, so I just looked at the .net and made my own. 

    I was able to run all of the INE topologies (I would use 7200s as XR devices). Whenever I needed to practice on XR I used rack rentals from INE or Cisco GOLD labs. 

    The trick to making a large topology run without much issue is to find the perfect idle-pc value. Once you find the right one, you should set the "idle-max" value of all of your devices to 100. This will reduce CPU utilization even more. 

    To put it into perspective, I have ran INE's RS TS topology (32 devices) in GNS3 on a PC with a core 2 duo and 4GB of RAM. My CPU does not go above 10-15% with all of the values tweaked right. 

    Also, don't mix routers...if your going to use 3725 then use this for all of them. Just like if your going to use 7200, use this everywhere. This will make finding your idle-pc values much simpler. 


  • Thanks Plucena....can u kindly explain further "  Once you find the right one, you should set the "idle-max" value of all of your devices to 100" seems somthing really cool.





  • Do you know what idle-pc is? This is ESSENTIAL for you to be using GNS3, even on a small scale...let along a large scale like you are trying to do.

    Let me know once you have this figured out (there are plenty of posts on this blog and out on the internet on how to set idle-pc), I will help you out with idle-max once you have this solved.

  • Yes Plucena I do know what idle-pc is.....what I can't understand is " you should set the "idle-max" value of all of your devices to 100"... told by can I forcefully put idle-pc value to be 100 if it comes something else



  • Hi Pablo,

    about the IDLE value i totally agree with you. Nevertheless with that Lenovo 420 i5 dual core with HyperT enabled and 4 GB RAM i could not work well with more than 10-12 GNS3 instances. I really believe that the computer you are using can make difference on any component it is in. Using 7200 images is a better idea but they are going to need more RAM even in the very best optimization. In the xample mentioned above i was using 3725 images because I was tsudying for R&S v4 at ethe bery beginning :)



    maybe try your PC resistance first and then buy some RAM if required. It is not excluded you PC is as performing as the Pablo's one!!!


    Happy studies [:)]


  • Ok, I just wanted to make sure you knew what idle-pc was...idle-max would have done nothing for you unless you had idle-pc working already. 

    Go into GNS3, "view", "docks" and make sure that "console" has a check mark next to it. This will open up the GNS3 console at the bottom of the screen. Make sure your devices are all running before you do it, so that you can see how much it will help you. 

    In here type the following without the quotes:


    "idlepc idlemax /all 100"

    This will apply the idlemax value of 100 to all of your devices. Save your topology so that this value is written to your .net file.

    Alteratively, if you just want to add it manually to your .net and not type it through the console, here is an example of how it looks in a .net file:


    autostart = False

    version = 0.8.6


        workingdir = F:

        udp = 10200


            image = E:GNS3 FolderCisco IOS for GNS3CCIE SP Imagesc7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S2.image

            idlepc = 0x62f050a0

            idlemax = 100

            sparsemem = True

            ghostios = True


    Doing it in the console will add it for you under all your devices in your .net, which in my opinion is much easier.

    Hope it helps!

  • Wow...Thanks a lot...dude got to try this and will update u ASAP :)


  • Let me know how it worked out for you...I am interested to see how much it does. Without it running large topologies would have been tough on my laptop. 

    My new laptop has 16GB of RAM. I made a 2GB "Ramdisk" (where you take part of your ram and present it to your operating system as a drive), and use this as my GNS3 working directory. 

    This makes running GNS3 topologies sooo much faster! 

    If you can see in my sample snippet of .net file, you can see my "workingdir = F:"...F: is my ramdisk.  The software i used is from Dataram ( dataram dot com )

  • Tanks Plucena ....was busy with job got to try this soon and will get back to u :)





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