Lab topology for 642-661 BGP Exam Course (Keith Barker)

Hello everyone,


Please excuse me if this is not the right place to ask such question - I am a bit lost here becasue there are some many topics here. Please move this to the right topic if necessary.


My question is about INE Video 642-661 BGP Exam Course by Keith Barker.

To follow Keith and get my hands used to the commands I recreated similar topology in GNS3 and I'm putting a config with Keith together.

However one thing I noticed was that he already had whole bunch of stuff preconfigured that had not been shown on the diagram/picture he demonstarted during the video.

I can guess some IP addresses but I can't guess any loopback unless I suddenly find them in a routing table.

It may be confusing some time. Is the any URL where I could download a full topology with all addresses, interfaces, loopbacks etc so I could create exactly the same scene as what Keith had when he recorded his video?

I got the course materials (three pdfs) but non of them has a FULL diagram/topology.




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