Cisco stops CCDE ???

One thing is striking my mind again n again and it is that " with softwares available and u just give input like for e.g if I have 2000 users and they sit in office in 7 floors it would be very easy for any network engineer (not upto CCIE Level) to dessign Network ...although for implementation/upgrades u do need Expert level knowledge but for design do we really need CCDE ????? Maybe Cisco will stop CCDE certification....just my two cents ...kindly suggest


  • Let's be clear - the CCIE was never about design/best practice. The CCIE is about technology and troubleshooting.


    My view is you could be a great designer but rusty on the CLI. Or you could be a wizz on the CLI but have no idea where and when to deploy a certain technology.


    That's not saying some people can't do both. I'm just saying it makes sense for Cisco to recognise the need for expert level design skills with the CCDE.


    Sure there are big changes on the way with SDN and virtualisation. Whatever happens we will always need people with design skills to take a step back from the CLI and see the big picture. Just my two cents.


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