me3600x qos enabled interface acting up

Hi everyone;



just doscovered   starnge issue.   i am on a me 3600x. the client lan switch 9nexus 5k) is connected to gi0/1 on Me3600x. Customer has subscribed to a  300 meg wan service. wan interface is te0/1


The interface gi0/1 is receiving dscp marked traffic from customer. it is configured with an in bound policy, that is  policing the ef traffic  at 150 meg. The wan interface te0/1 is being shaped at 300 megs.  all the other traffic (af1, af2, af3) coming into gi0/1 from customer lan takes rest of the 150 megs.


customer is sending a file using ssh to a remote site across the wan circiuit(scp file transfer). They are amr marking the traffic as ef. the incoming data rate on gi0/1 of me3600x does not seem to increase more than 2.8 megs.

 if i do sho policy-map int gi0/1 in, i see packets in ef queue, no packet drops. i cant seem to understand what is causing the issue. sho interface gi0/1 shows up clean as well.


speed mismatch is not a possibility as nexus port is configured as speed 1000 and me3600 port is also confiured 1000, duplex is fine too.  


Can anyone tell me what is causing this?






  • Hi Jay,

    can you show the policy config and the show interface g0/1 and te0/1? Did you try to log the classes you are matching? Are you trusting customer markings or are you manipulating that traffic somehow?



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