Task 2.5

I don't understand why we can't use:

router ospf 1

distance ospf external 171

on sw2 and r3.   In the solutions it says that:

"SW2’s EIGRP adjacency to become active after it has learned the RIP prefixes from OSPF (redistributed by R3)."

If the AD was set to 171 for ospf external on sw2 wouldn't sw2 still prefer eigrp external routes with AD 170?


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi JSprang,

    The workbook gives many alternative solutions.  In this solution, the tagging is done directly on the redistribution, and then checked with the route-maps.

    "Commonly, with route redistribution there is more than one possible solution to resolve most issues. In this task, route tags were used...."

    Your solution would work also -- if there are no external routes already in OSPF.  

               ospf 171  --> eigrp 170 --> loop

    I would have to go through this lab again, to know if there are any existing OSPF external prefixes.  That is the only caveat that I see here.

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