CCIE SP passed in Brussels

Hello community,

I just want to announce that I passed my lab in Brussels on Friday, this was third attempt. I'm happy on getting my second CCIE, even after having serious lab environment issues during second attempt. Nevertheless, after about 2 years of studies including new versin introduction I finally achieved my goal. It was nice journey and I learned a lot. For my preparations I used Cisco documentation for IOS 12.2SR and IOS XR 3.9, plus INE materials because of excellent experience with INE from RS track back in 2009. They really have best in class study materials and to be honest - those cover almost all topics you will probably get during real lab exam.

My strategy was in general as follows:
- check whole topo and verify connectivity, take care of switch configs
- try to get at least 10-12 points per hour
- solve all "core" tasks till lunch
- configure rest after lunch and verify all once again

Cannot name specific sections to not violate NDA, but you probably know what "core" is if you learn for SP :) You're building services on top of it...

This worked for me.

I wish other candidates all best and good luck on your exam! Train your speed and accuracy and stay focused till the end.

Piotr Kaczor
CCIE R&S/SP #24301


  • Congratulations bro...considering that I am also going in for my third attempt, I am very encouraged. 

  • Congrats dude, Good advice, Although not aiming for SP right now but good advices.

    Keep sharing you knowledge and experiences in future.

    Good luck!

  • congrate dude... after 3 struggles you finally got it...

  • That's great! many congratulations for your second CCIE!

    can you tell me please what lab issues you encountered during your second attempt in Brussels?


  • Many congrats on your pass!

  • Congratulation


    btw, did you managed to finish the lab exam below 8 hours, so that you have an extra time to do the re-verification?

  • Hi,

    yes, I managed to finish all tasks about 16.00 o'clock and had about 30mins to check all once again.

    If you know IOS XR cli and can enter pim interface config within one line, then you should be fine with speed. I suggest to know IOS XR command structure for BGP/MPLS TE/Mcast/PIM/OSPF/ISIS, this makes config much faster.


  • Hi,

    cannot go into details, but avoid using shortcut ctrl+shift+6, as you may hit 7 instead of 6. Then things happen you definitely do not want to see on your lab exam. Use TCL scripts for testing IP reachability. That's my advice.

  • Hi ,

    congrats for your second CCIE :)

    what happened when you press ctrl+shift+7 ??

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