my company provide me this model of server   MCS7825H3-K9-CMC1 .  i search in the internet and found it that this server is preloaded  with CUCM v7.


i have some questions :

1) is there license will be installed with it ? or need buy license

2) how can i know the ip address of the call manager  if i plug in by eathernet cable ?

2) what about the IP address of the call manager ? is there any problem if i change the ip address of the server by cli






  • I can answer no. 3. Changing the IP is a bit of a process. I did back in the day and ended up asking for help. Tom wrote this article to help me:

  • So #1 and #2... CM might still be installed and will likely be licensed if your company purchased it from a Cisco partner. That said, since you posted this in the ccie collab section, you should know that v7 will not prepare you for the ccie collab exams. The blueprint ( shows v9.1. Most people seem to use the demo licenses and rebuild their labs as those licenses expire. There are ways around that, but honestly -- the demo licenses are generous and more than enough to get going. You can prepare for some basic foundational topics with v7, but it won't get you nearly all the way there.

    One thing that I haven't seen posted around as much as I'd expect, is that Cisco opened their NFR software program to non-partners with 10.6 (which is largely 10.5 -- not sure why it's labeled as 10.6). With a free dev net membership (at least it was free when I created mine several years back), you can purchase the 10.6 nfr kit for $315. It includes 1yr swss and plenty of licensing. ...but I still had to build a 9.1 lab for ccie prep. Too bad they didn't make this change retroactive for earlier versions.



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