Internet Access to MPLS VRF

Hello All,

I have a PE router that I have a VRF configured with OSPF to a router CE router. The PE router uses gig1/0.150 to reach the CE router. This PE router also has a conenction via gig0/0 to an ISP. I am trying to allow the vrf internet access. I am not sure how I should be doing this. I have tried using:


ip route vrf PE1toMod1 gig0/0  <--this produces the following:


% For VPN or topology routes, must specify a next hop IP address if not a point-to-point interface


PE config:

ip vrf PE1toMod1

 rd 1:100

 route-target export 5:500

 route-target import 5:500


interface GigabitEthernet1/0.150

 encapsulation dot1Q 150

 ip vrf forwarding PE1toMod1

 ip address

 ip nat inside

 ip virtual-reassembly in

 ip ospf 2 area 0


router ospf 2 vrf PE1toMod1

 redistribute connected subnets

 redistribute static subnets

 network area 0

 network area 0

 network area 0

 default-information originate always

This is in a home lab and I was just trying to see if I can get this to work. ANy ideas on how to proceed? Thanks.


  • is your internet connection in Vrf : PE1toMod1  or the global routing table?


    because the natting will be a bit different.


    this error you get :

    ip route vrf PE1toMod1 gig0/0

    Bit off topic , but i would not normally point a default route to an ethernet/broadcast interface , is bad practise  because what will happen is that the router will send arp directly on the interface for all internet destinations ,  and the router on other side will have to proxy arp -- its very messy

    try next hop address instead when you do static route on ethernet , or  next-hop-ip and the interface together.

    ie ;

    ip route vrf PE1toMod1 gig0/0


  • The internet connection is not part of any vrf and is in the global routing.

    I am using IOS c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M7.bin

    When I try to add a ip route vrf statement it gets a bit confusing. I'm not really sure what to use for the " Forwarding router's address", is this the ISP end?

    I found a document on Cisco about doing across an MPLS infrastructure and using BGP, but in this case it's the vrf on the Inetrnet conencted router. So I assume it's a static route and NAT issue, no?



  • the next hop is the ISP end,  do you have a public IP direct from them -- or is gi 0/0 connected to some adsl or cable router from isp ?

    lets assume you have a  public IP on gi 0/0 in global table : /30 and the other side (your isp = , i would do something like this .


    int gi 0/0

    ip address

    ip nat outside


    ip route vrf PE1toMod1 global


    * do ip nat inside on gi1/0.150

    * do access-list of your inside networks that you want internet access, eg

    ip access-list standard INSIDE-NETS

    ip nat inside source list INSIDE-NETS interface gi 0/0 vrf PE1toMod1 overload


  • Worked like a charm. After your post and reading the VOl 1 MPLS section on this very topic I was able to make it work. Many thanks!

    If I could buy you a beer I would.

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