Equating tokens to time

I think I may be missing something here about how you equate tokens to time!!!

Does the consumption of tokens have different rates at different times of the day/week or dependant on the labs you are working on?


I just want a simple $4/hour in a minimum of 3 hours per session value!!


Is this how it works?


  • for RS vol1/vol2/vol3 labs - if you purchase small amount of tokens its $5 USD per hour (100 tokens = $100) If you buy 1,000 tokens @ $795 then it runs ~$3.98 an hour. 

    for RS troubleshooting labs its $10 or $7.95hr if you bought 1,000 tokens.

    from what i have experienced every day/hour costs the same amount.  however, RS vol1/vol2/vol3 rack rental was $4 an hour and recently went up. 

    not sure there is a minimum amount of time? i have a couple of 1hr and 2hr sessions scheduled.

  • Perfect explanation.  Thank you very much for the reply!

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