Layer 2: What's in/out?

Now that the v5 lab is all virtual, I was curious about what Layer 2 technologies would be on the blueprint vs. the v4. I was a little surprised to see some things I thought would get cut out, like DHCP snooping, SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN, and private VLANs. Does this mean the virtual platform supports these, or just that they could be in the diagnostic section? Does anything know for sure what's supported and what's not? It doesn't affect how I'm studying, but I'm curious because I know one of the big issues with Dynamips is not being able to emulate a switch's IOS very well (at all?)


  • Based on my current information on IOU, those features would not be supported.  However, that does not preclude those topics from appearing in the diagnostic section which does not rely on equipment.

    Probably will not know until the exam goes live and folks are exposed to the topology.



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