Questions and comments on 1.1, 2.1, 5.2


I'm currently preparing for the new v5 exam, using the existing INE lab workbooks (INE version 5 for the exam version 4) until the new workbooks are released. Comments and a few questions:

Overall this lab showed me that I need to do a little better on my verification steps - some silly typo errors that better verification would have uncovered easily.

My question is mainly on 1.1, with some comments i found interesting on some other parts. I skipped a couple sections that are removed from v5 exam.

For task 1.1, it says to ensure Vl 102 traffic does not traverse Sw3. My solution rather than using allowed lists on the trunks was to just delete vlan 102 from switch 3 completely so that it would not have a STP instance for that vlan. I liked this as I was making only 1 simple change in one place rather than changing allowed vlan lists on several interfaces. Is there some implied restriction from doing this, as I didnt see it explicitly spelled out in the instructions? Is this a valid solution? 

Task 2.1 wants to detect loss of frame relay ckt within 1 second. Since I am studying for the v5 i configured BFD instead of tuning the OSPF timers. I did notice though that periodically BFD would fail and bounce the adjacency (maybe every 5 minutes or so), perhaps i have it set to fast? 50ms interval multiplier 3.

Task 5.2 When I was configuring auto-rp from memory, I mistakenly using the ip pim rp-address on R3 in addition to the auto-rp commands. This actually caused to operate in sparse mode on R3, resulting in the rp-discovery messages never getting forwarded over to R5. The FR interface to R5 didn't even get placed in the OIL for that group. R5 never learned an RP, so even though I had a correct static mroute I failed this task. This took me an embarassing amount of time to discover my error.


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