zone mode enhanced - or not ??

Friday night, raining, kids in bed.  What else is there to do other than some fcoe testing on INE racks :-)

So, I've been practising my zoning distribution etc, and have found a VERY nasty little gotcha.  No idea how it has come about, but do not get fooled by this!

Let's say you have enabled fcoe on an N5K, you have created your fcoe vlan and done your vlan -> vsan mapping - something like this:

vlan 11

 fcoe vsan 11

vsan database

vsan 11

Then, WITHOUT running any other commands, you then run:  'sh runn zone vsan 11' and it shows you this:

N5K5(config-vlan)# sh runn zone vsan 11

!Command: show running-config zone vsan 11
!Time: Fri Jan 31 21:41:20 2014

version 5.1(3)N2(1c)
zone mode enhanced vsan 11

Strange - I've not configured anything yet.  So then I do a 'sh zone status vsan 11' and get this:

N5K5(config-vlan)# sh zone status vsan 11
VSAN: 11 default-zone: deny distribute: active only Interop: default
    mode: basic merge-control: allow
    session: none
    hard-zoning: enabled broadcast: disabled
Default zone:
    qos: none broadcast: disabled ronly: unsupported
Full Zoning Database :
    DB size: 4 bytes
    Zonesets:0  Zones:0 Aliases: 0
Active Zoning Database :
    Database Not Available


So, the moral of the story - don't trust your 'sh runn zone vsan x' command when t/s whether the zone mode is enhanced or not - I got thoroughly confused.......

This is nx-os system version: 5.1(3)N2(1c), so I don''t know if fixed in later versions.


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