Different device pools for different types of devices?

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I'm watching Mark's videos on CIPT2 and healready said multiple times that he typically creates 2 device pools at a minimum for each site: one for phones & one for gateways. But he doesn't explain why and that's confusing me, I'm asking why...


If anyone could tell me why ? Which different parameter could force us to do that ?


I typically create 2 device pools for phones actually: 1 for phones using SRST, and 1 for phones not using SRST.

I have to explain that I only setup small single site deployements (with 200 phones maximum). So for customers who cannot afford a UCM cluster, I setup SRST on the H.323 gateway. I know that this is normally a feature used for branch offices in multi site deployments but let's say it offers a pseudo redundancy at a lower cost...

Does anyone knows about those 2 minimum Device Pools for phones and gateways ?


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  • One reason is Calling/Called Party Transformations at the Device Pool level.  You generally do not need, nor want, the same normalizations happening on your phone as you do on your gateway.

    One more reason is disabling video on the GW region, which set by way of Device Pool.

    Lastly, the benefit of being able to make changes to either DP without affecting the other is handy.  For example, if you change the SRST reference on the DP, you have to bounce the phones, and you wouldn't need to bounce the Gatway for something like that.  Having two device pools allows you to compartmentalize your administrative tasks.

    I hope that helps.

  • Hi Holloway,


    I found the answer to that questions in CCIE voice videos but I'm glad you confirm me. I'm not used to multisite deployments so I don't generally use calling/called party transformations. I perform digit manipulation at another level or on the gateway itself.

    Dial plan is one of the most complex part of CUCM I guess... :)



    Thanks for your answer, it is appreciated.




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