Time saver on the lab exam

Hi everyone,

Since I started preparing for my first attempt to the CCIE Voice lab exam (which, by the way, I'll try to pass it on February at Brussels) I have heard lots of times that you need to be fast (besides of knowing,of course, what you are doing very wel)l.

During my practise time I have come accross with a time saver mechanism which I haven't seen it being used by anyone else so far and maybe all of you know it but maybe you don't. It helps me a lot and perhaps it could help you too, specially if you are not a fast typer, so I wanted to share it with you guys. It consists of creating abbreviations of the most used CLI IOS commands that you normally use, by configuring "alias". For example, a fairly common command in the voice world is "show dial-peer voice summary", sure you can type it as "sh dial-p v sum" , but wouldm't it be faster by just typing "sd"? How to do it? Simple:


R(config)# alias exec <abbreviated_text> <command_to_abbreviate> So, following the previous example:

R(config)# alias exec sd show dial-peer voice summary

And that's it, from now on, when you type "sd" ,it will execute the "show dial-peer voice summary". Everyone can come up with their own abbreviations, I personally use this "sd" and "se" instead of "show run | section" and "s" instead of "show ip interface brief".

Hope this helps, any comments are, of course, welcome.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!



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