3.2 BSR Config

Can someone explain why the SG has "priority 100" defined for R4 in the command:

ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr 2001:CC1E:1:404:21E:BEFF:FE7F:C40B priority 100

Is that needed?


  • It's not mandatory to have priority configured, but if you want to configure the BSR to be the primary one, the lower priority needs to be configured since the default would be 192.

    #sh ipv6 pim bsr candidate-rp 

    PIMv2 C-RP information

        Candidate RP: 2001::1 SM

          All Learnt Scoped Zones, Priority 192, Holdtime 150

          Advertisement interval 60 seconds

          Next advertisement in 00:00:59

    Good luck!

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