Port Channel from FI showing down.

Did some labs today and had 2 questions:


1. When we enable the 2 server ports on both the FI's , we start seeing the chassis with the servers. From both the IOM/Fex there are Port Channels to the blade servers. But why do they show in down state?

INE-UCS-01-A(nxos)# sh por
port            port-channel    port-profile    port-security
INE-UCS-01-A(nxos)# sh port-channel summary
Flags:  D - Down        P - Up in port-channel (members)
        I - Individual  H - Hot-standby (LACP only)
        s - Suspended   r - Module-removed
        S - Switched    R - Routed
        U - Up (port-channel)
Group Port-       Type     Protocol  Member Ports
1     Po1(SU)     Eth      LACP      Eth1/7(P)    Eth1/8(P)
1280  Po1280(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/29(D)  Eth1/1/31(D)
1281  Po1281(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/21(D)  Eth1/1/23(D)
1282  Po1282(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/17(D)  Eth1/1/19(D)
1283  Po1283(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/1(D)  Eth1/1/3(D)
1284  Po1284(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/5(D)  Eth1/1/7(D)
1285  Po1285(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/13(D)  Eth1/1/15(D)
1286  Po1286(SD)  Eth      NONE      Eth1/1/25(D)  Eth1/1/27(D)

2. When we are configuring the MDS to connect to the FI ( MDS in NPV and Fi in NPIV), why do we use rate-mode dedicated with Port type F. I thought we need to use rate-mode dedicated only when we need to have the port type as E or Auto.



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