this is the issue

normal config

router isis 100

net .......................

int [e0/0]

router isis 100====most people forget sometimes instead of that this is correct for SP ip router ISIS ___!!!

but if you type sh clns ==== clns not enable 


especially for troubleshooting 

remeber IS-IS  uses clns and has IP stack above was usage of clns which most beginers make mistakes they assume by typing router without precidence of ip 

when they say read they mean it!!!! as knowldge has no limit and you can never finish all the knowldge on topic there will always be more you dont know or you know but you can do it differently


aspiring to be CCIE SP i dont want to be a statistic just for no its pride that i can do this and its relevant to my job situation been in networking business since 1998



  • Hi Soud,

    i don't think i got the question.. May you be more explicit?




  • I think he's saying don't accidentally type 'router isis' at the interface level thinking that will enable the process. Make sure you use the correct command 'ip router isis'.


    I guess my only comments would be keep an eye on the prompt and verify your config.



    router(config)#interface f0/0

    router(config-if)#ip router isis




    router(config)#interface f0/0

    router(config-if)#router isis




    show isis interface

    show clns interface




  • @bobby thanks for making it clear, 

    @alessio as bobby pointed out, both way is correct but we need IP aspected of ISIS , you remember that ISIS can operate as OSI and IP, hence difference 


    #router isis 1 = clns config of isis

    ip router isis 1 = ip config am i clear now on that

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