UCS Boot - Error loading ESXi

Problem occurs on task "Service Profile Instantiation" in the UCS Workbook:

From dc rack 2, booting from SAN (via fiber channel) from the JBOD lun 1 and lun 0, esxi loads about 8 files and then fails to load /s.v00 with the error

"fatal error: 6 (Buffer too small)"

Same problem over fabric A and B. Tried rebooting 5 times.  A quick google search seems to indicate the ESXi files are corrupted.

Maybe an important note - I am not using the JBOD WWPN documented in the workbook 21:00:00:1b:32:04:37:dc.  The MDS is picking up a different WWPN for the JBOD, 21:00:00:1b:32:07:32:23 and so I'm using this for booting in my boot profile.

SO - It would be nice to know:

1. Am I using the right WWPN to get boot from SAN working?

2. If WWPN is right, what is causing this error and is there anything I can do about it?





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