I am trying to load-balance the traffic across 4 links between PE using TE tunnel created we have 3 STM link and 1 Gig link .


link traffic loadshare count is 10 , where as STM link load-share is 1
but still 1 stm link is highly utilized as the traffic CEF switched i am
not getting how do i load balance max traffic over Gig.


Suggestions are welcome !!


  • How are you routing out of the PE? 

    What you could do is create 3 TE tunnels (one per link) and use explicit path-options to ensure that each tunnel traverses its corresponding link.

    Then use the "tunnel mpls traffic-eng load-share xxx" command to load share accross all 3 links. You just have to tune the load share metric on each link until you get your desired load sharing ratio. 

    Of course, all 3 TE tunnels must be used for routing to begin with.

  • when i execute sh ip route i see 4 path to reach next HOP and we have done loadshare accordingly to link bandwidth , but still traffic on 1 STM link is HIGH ,  as the traffic is CEF switched , i am not sure i can do something other then this.


    if say 1 link is highly utilized how do i reroute the traffic to other TE tunnel, Shutdown is not an approprotiae sol :)




    you should try sh ip cef internal or sh ip cef detail  to check how the hask is created and how it is load balanced. Did you change the cef settings in terms of load sharing ?


    if say 1 link is highly utilized how do i reroute the traffic to other TE tunnel, Shutdown is not an approprotiae sol :)


    did you try to use the TE metric? You can also selectively choose the link to use according some QoS classes you can define i believe.


  • As we have 5 links and 5 tunnels created with differnet load-share values !! as this is cef switch if i change CEF to  packet sharing it will effect my entire production and we are servering 2g,3g,4g service over this , i am sure user will start facing voice quality issue packet distribution over multiple link will produce delay.!!!


    Changing TE metric again is not the solution as i have to utilize all the link !!


    expecting some different advice :)

  • You can check a few pair of source-ips & dest-ips of your traffic (if you know them) via "show ip cef exact-route ".  You can then also try to modify the cef loadsharing with the

    (config)#ip cef load-sharing algorithm ?
      include-ports  Algorithm that includes layer 4 ports
      original       Original algorithm
      tunnel         Algorithm for use in tunnel only environments
      universal      Algorithm for use in most environments

    Be aware that some platforms require reload to take effect for the new algorithm.

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