Petr Lapukhov

Much respect to Petr.  But the way he explains stuffs is really hard to understand.  I am more confused after reading it.  Does anyone feel the same?  


  • The other day I was talking to someone who regularly teaches courses, and he says that often he will explain a concept, and about 80% of the class will get it, but there will be a percentage who don't quite understand. 

    He then has to find a different way of explaining it, to make it into something they can understand. Put it in different words, and they get it too. But if he used that second explanation at first, there would have been a different group of people who didn't understand.

    Different people have different ways of learning. Don't worry too much about it. Just hunt around until you findi instructors/books/resources that make sense to you.

  • Much respect to Petr.  But the way he explains stuffs is really hard to understand.  I am more confused after reading it.  Does anyone feel the same?  

    I don't think so. I have gone through various posts done by peter. I believe you are having trouble with basic understanding on that topic which you are refering in the perter's posts. If you don't understand what he is trying to explain, just go through other posts on the same technology & get back to the post again. I hope this will strengthen your understanding.

    Good luck!

  • Here is what helps me understand his posts:

    1) make sure to read it more than once

    2) have at least 2 monitors; one to read the doc, the second one to look at the diagrams that he's referring to. This way you dont have to scroll up/down to look at the diagram. 

    3) read it carefully as sometimes there may be some small mistakes (for example, it will say R1 instead of PE1). 

    4) read the comments! sometimes others will also have some of the same questions you have and he has personally answered them.

    The detail of the information he puts out is outstanding. It is worth the extra time (for me) to take my time with his articles and actually understand them. The value of his content outweights the fact that it takes longer for me to undertsnad. Once you do undertand it, you will be happy that you took the extra time to do so as his work is awesome. 


  • Everyone is wired differently I guess.  I always look for the simplest answer or explanation for any topic that I don't understand.  I am sure many are the same.  Especially when it comes to CCIE material, there are so many info to consume. 

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    You are not alone. i forget exactly what Petr's university studies were, but I think it was advanced mathematics (or something). Even the INE how-to-prepare guide is almost an equation.  ;-)

    For me at first, Petr's writing is really difficult to understand (for brand new subjects).  But where his articles become really valuable, is coming back later and re-reading it (after you understand the basics of the topic).    He is very precise (mathematical) and also goes deep into how things work. It is very easy to get lost at first, but very valuable after you do understand it.

    I like the suggestions that plucena gave.

  • i find it  difficult to understand for a new topic you are learning,  in which case , you just go somewhere else ,  the same CCIE topic has countless explanations out there on the web which is a good thing.  You can always come back to read after you have a feel for the subject.

  • Peter's posts are valuable for me because they're condensed and contain a lot of comprehensive information, which is checked and systematized. If I need to understand a new topic I read it on, from the book and so on. If I need to brush up some topic, or understand what I haven't known before I read Peters' posts.

  • +1 for Petr's posts. I usually feel myself lost while reaching the middle of it.

    But in the end of day everyone has it's own writing style. Which may or may not suit you.

    On the flip side I love and enjoy any article from Brian M or Scott Morris. [Y]

  • You must be kidding!, right?

    Personaly, I've a folder in my laptop which contain ALL Petr blogs!. This guy is awesome.. Whenever I can NOT understand a topic in the 12.4T CDoC, my 1 reference would be Mr. Petr blog.

    I know he left INE and joined FB.. which is sad for us ofcourse.. I wish him all the best.. and hope that he will continue to contribute to INE and write more blogs.




  • Hi heavyd,

    there is a "secret" if you will. Petr has a very scientific and logic way to approach a problem or solution to be. This is NOT generally an approach quite easy for a Network Engineer unless some previous UNIX/Scientifical studies. I also would imagine that this is the reason he passed his certifications on the first time.


    As north told, no worry about that. There are many other good resources to find out what a technology is designed for. If you let me  a suggestion,   i would use Petr articles as verification of my technology understanding. Very useful indeed!! [H] [:D]




  • On the flip side I love and enjoy any article from Brian M or Scott Morris.

    I know where to find Brian's articles, but where does Morris write? I havent seen any articles from him, aside from his posts on the Cisco Learning Network.


  • Scott used to work for ipexpert then ine. Think he's a consultant nowadays. Very smart guy.

    Some of his posts are still on the ine blog but the author is changed to "ine instructor".

    His site:

  • Wow, turns out you can't type eye pee expert on here without it changing to ***.

  • Peter has various posts in simple language and I always entertain his posts. I think anyone without having basic knowledge would have trouble to understand his posts. As I mentioned earlier, you can go through the websites like in order to have basic understanding of the technologies.

  • For me it is exactly the opposite: if I don't understand a topic from him I won't understand it at all.

    IMHO his academic background (AFAIK the guy went for post graduate -doctoral??- studies in Mathematics) helps him a lot with rigour and precision.

    Yes, his posts look like stientific articles and he picked the subjects carefully. Too bad he did not write more than what he has already written.

    BTW I see that he is with Facebook now. Anyway.. the guy is a lot more that an extremely good engineer. 


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