Automatic reply: Task 5.3 - ACLs forbidden by task


I am on personal leave from 30th Aug to 10th Sept and would not have access to emails. If anything urgent please call me L3 Ops on-call on 97386131 or for other issues please contact Yew Lum for Management related issues. Please refer for details on the on-call and domain support.
For operational issue please contact L3 Ops:- [email protected]

Danda, Gangadharam Naidu - for GNOC related.
Syed, Jaleel Ahmed - for WAN related.
Jivesh Kumar - GIAS
Krishnamoorthy Srinivasan & May - for FW Ops related.

If still need to talk to me, I would be on India no - +918008490880. (Urgent issues only).

Thanks & Regards
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