Quick question on "ip vrf receive" with igp as vrf


Is it possible to run "ip vrf receive" without vrf static route and instead run any vrf specific igp between PE-CE? I tried and it doesn't seem to work.





  • As far as I know only static PE-CE routing is supported with VRF selection.


    I guess this makes sence as IGPs need to send hellos, tracks neighbors etc. This would be tricky to implement and support when the interface is a member of multiple VRFs at the same time.

  • I don't see any dependancy over any kind of routing protocol since we have to define what source is to be added in the VRF table using " VRF selection source" command. Logically, the "ip vrf receive" allows any address configured in the interface to be added into the VRF table automatically. It does mean that we just need to define what to add in the VRF table defining source like I mentioned above.

    Hope this does make sense.

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