"CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook Volume IV" vs "newer 28 router and 4 switc

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can someone shed some light on the "28 Router/4 switches TS topology" Brian released some time ago.....  My question is that originally the TS section of the INE material was handled by wk IV , is there a new WK for the 32 device TS rackrentals or how do One do the tasks..... is it a live scripted/session where the questions are provided during the TS rack rental or  am I missing a specific new workbook not linked to my profile?


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  • Hi JJ,

    If you are talking about the V5 blueprint, it's virtual lab that you will have to work on during lab exam. For TS section, there used to be roughly 30 devices. I think you have to wait for the actual information for V5 TS & diagnosis as I believe INE is working on it.

    Good luck! 

  • Hi H


    no, not the new v5 release, I'm refering to the TS 32 device layout Brian has released some time ago..... as part of the rack rentals where one can rent a 32 device topology.... thus 28 routers and 4 switches compared to the other topologies of far less number of nodes.... (the conventional 10 routers 4 switches)....


    so for the 32 device topology...what TS material do one use as far as questions and diagrams etc?



  • so for the 32 device topology...what TS material do one use as far as questions and diagrams etc?

    You can get graded TS labs using this 32 device topology. As of today, there are a total of 3 graded labs that you can do on them. There are several other labs that you can load onto the racks, but they are not graded (these non-graded labs are the ones that have been used during TS bootcamps). 

    You can get access to the 3 graded labs (including PDFs, initial configs, etc) once you book your session and the session starts. I totally recommend that you use all 3 labs as part of your TS preparation. 

  • thanks for the feedback plucena24...!

    I have booked racktime on the  "CCIE R&S Troubleshooting" tool, however, I couldn't see the "3 graded labs (including PDFs, initial configs, etc)"....you mentioned in your post....

    will it be part of the scheduling tool, as a dropdown list feature....or how do one access this material....that is my main concern.


    Either my profile has some issues, or it is not very forthcomming/easy to access these material.


    INE, please assist!!!



  • ok.... stop the clock!


    I can see the graded labs via the portal....


    Please ignore my previous post... :-)



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