Physical ethernet connection for lab 1

Can anyone help me to make understanding on physical connection diagram as in below link.

According to the diagram, there is port 0/7 which should be connected to sw2 0/7 but is not mentioned there.

From the configuration, only port 0/21 is configured as dot1q but in the diagram 0/19-0/21 are configured as trunk port.

interface FastEthernet0/19
 no shutdown
interface FastEthernet0/20
 no shutdown
interface FastEthernet0/21
 no shutdown
 no shutdown
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport mode trunk

I'm trying to make diagram on gns3 but i did not understand the connection. So, please help me out


  • Hi,

    I can see the ports from 0/13 to 0/21 on Sw2 are connected to other switches as trunk. I didn't see where is the port 0/7 was mentioned. 

    I referred to the Hardware Specification guide. Can you please make it clear? :)


  • hello Hari,

    Thank you for the response.
    The above configuration is for SW1 and according to SW1 config, only port 21 is configured as trunk and port 19 and 20 are also connected to SW4. And also in sw1, port 0/7 is configured as access to vlan 28. Where we use that access vlan 28?

  • Notice the shutdown on fast 0/19 and 0/20. The cables will be there, but not in use


    For the Fast 0/7 you are tested on various features as portfast, private vlan etc. But Fast 0/7 is not connected to anything so you will not be able to verify configurations. Vlan 28 is not used as far as I can remember


    When it comes to tasks like this in the lab just do whatever you are told, nothing more, nothing less.


  • Thank you Jonbov for the reply.

    Can i follow this diagram from below link for my physical connection diagram?


  • Basically, it is not connected anywhere & VLAN 28 has been configured only to fulfill the task requirement. Yes, you can proceed with your diagram.

    Good luck!

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