Vol2 Lab2 BGP issue

Dear All,

While i was doing the Vol 2 Lab2, today, I find it difficult to bring up the BGP between R5 and BB2, even the configs were correct.

Also to get ripv2 routes of subnet and from BB3, also couldnt bring UP bgp btw SW1 and SW2.

THe BGP at this Lab is not so difficult, but beacuse of couldnt bring UP BGP btw R5 and BB2 it was quiet difficult to move further.


whiile I am doing i save the config and later upload the saved config to continue.

Did anyone face these kind of issues. Appreciate if anyone could suggest.





  • Hi,

    First of all, try to check the reachability between these two peers using telnet x.x.x.x 179. If it's reachable, proceed to check the BGP parameters that you have set during configuration. Don't add any extra configuration untill you are successful to bring the peer up.

    Hope this helps!

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